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Issue 7  October 2016

1 The League
1.1 The League shall be governed by a Chairperson, Secretary, and a committee comprising the Captains of all registered teams, elected at the Annual General Meeting.
1.2 League matches comprise 3 pairs tables playing 5 legs. The League shall be decided by points and leg totals: 2 points shall be awarded for a win.
1.3 Ken Long Trophy matches comprise 5 singles tables playing best of 3 legs.  The Ken Long Trophy shall be decided by points: 1 point shall be awarded for each table.
1.4 Crockett Memorial Trophy matches comprise 3 pairs tables playing best of 1 leg. The Trophy shall be decided by points: 1 point shall be awarded for each table.
1.5 Shield matches comprise 3 pairs tables playing 5 legs and 5 singles tables playing 3 legs.  The Shield shall be decided by legs, 30 legs are played each match.
1.6 The Millennium Cup shall be awarded to the player with the highest average score in pairs matches.
1.7 All trophies shall be held by their winners for 12 months.
1.8 Each registered player must play five or more league matches to qualify for an individual trophy.  Players must play at least half of matches in order to qualify for the Millennium Cup.
2 Teams
2.1 Players must be registered with the secretary before the start of each season.
2.2 Emergency players may be signed on night of match.
2.3 Transfers of players will be allowed providing that the member has played four games or less for the team being left.
3 Fees
3.1 Revenue shall be raised from raffles at main League events.
4. Matches
4.1 Normal playing time will be Sunday evenings at 8.00 pm.
4.2 The last table must commence before 8.30pm, any side with players not present at 8.30pm shall forfeit games concerned.
4.3 If a match, or part of a match, cannot be played on a Sunday night, it may be played before that day or the above rules of forfeit will apply.
4.4 In exceptional circumstances the management committee shall decide the outcome.
5 Results
5.1 All results shall be reported to the Secretary from the venue by 11pm.
5.2 All cards shall arrive at the collection point by Wednesday morning at the latest.
5.3 Any protest must be lodged with the secretary within four days of the match concerned with full details in writing.
6 Play
6.1 The two peggers shall cut for deal on the first leg.
6.2 Deal for the subsequent legs shall pass to the player on the dealer's left.
6.3 Cutting shall be decided by the lowest card, all pictures ranking equal to 10.
6.4 All pegging shall start and finish at the cards end of the board.

Any matter not covered by these rules shall be decided by the Management Committee.

For details on cribbage play itself, please check the Cribbage entries in Wikipedia

Last modified: October 05, 2017