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September 14th 2021 ~ Annual General Meeting

After the 2019/2020 season was suspended due to Covid-19 Lockdown and the 2020/21 season never started, we met to discuss if there was any way forward.

For successive years we have suffered from dwindling numbers of teams and players, at the time of Lockdown we were already at the minimum number of teams that could constitute an effective League (6) and most of our teams were struggling to find six players each week.

At the AGM, only three teams expressed a willingness to enter a team but it was recognised even then that many individuals were still reluctant to play in pubs.

Let's face it, Cribbage (and other team card games) are one of the worst pastimes with which to exercise social distancing.

Also, the League does not have any insurance, so there are personal worries on top of the health issues.

I have good reason to believe that I contracted Covid-19 early in the pandemic before the first lockdown. Thankfully, I was too ill to play matches but I often reflect on how close things may have come to passing the virus on to others, quite likely with dire consequences. It is right that we do not risk any lives.

The trophies will be engraved to reflect the positions at the end of play. The Prince of Wales pub have agreed to hold the trophies until further notice.

Most present expressed an intention to run their own house Cribbage Clubs. Let's do that with care to keep the game we love alive.

Stay Safe. Richard

Last modified: November 01, 2018